We pioneer advanced methods that help clients realize ambitious project and business goals.

Leading the Way

Our team stays at the forefront of client-driven innovation to improve delivery, cost, and quality.

Ghafari was founded on the promise of technological innovation. It’s a promise we continue to uphold in order to bring our clients greater quality, transparency, and savings. As we work across a range of complex industries, we observe opportunities for efficiency and improvement. Inspired by the challenges facing our clients, we search for new and better ways to plan, design, and build spaces. This search has led us to pioneer lean-inspired approaches and tools like BIM and high-definition laser scanning. Our team has even developed software that streamlines project workflows and helps teams work smarter. As we lead, systematize, and educate our field on more sophisticated methodologies, we help clients around the world advance efficiency, elevate safety, and accelerate delivery.


Each day, we continue to raise the bar - finding new ways to harness technology in order to help our clients do their best. Ghafari is known for not only being early adopters of advanced tools and approaches, but for also defining the way they’re applied in real-world settings. For nearly 40 years, we have set industry standards in applied innovation. Today, we continue to stay ahead of the curve so that our clients can, too.


Early on in our search for greater efficiency, we began using building information modeling (BIM) to simplify complex projects. As we worked with this technology, we discovered the most advantageous ways of using it and established many of the standards that our industry relies on today. 

BIM empowers integrated teams with a shared understanding of project intricacies. A BIM-enabled approach unites the owner, Ghafari’s design team, and the contractor, allowing us to make collective decisions that are better informed and drive efficiency in project delivery. More than just a visualization software, BIM enables a team-wide exchange of critical data, facilitates interactivity among building systems, and lets us tackle project challenges with greater intelligence and deeper analysis.

Laser Scanning

Since 2001, we have used high-definition laser scanning technology - often in unprecedented ways - to improve the safety, quality, and timeliness of renovation, restoration, and even new construction projects. Our team uses in-house laser scanning equipment to capture the precise, three-dimensional conditions of a space. From this vantage point, we can uncover hidden hurdles and opportunities within a facility at the start of a project. We can also use laser scanning throughout later stages - from prototyping models for “what-if” analysis during design to validating as-built conditions during construction.

Lean Process

When projects use a lean process, clients are no longer inhibited by tight budgets or quick timelines. Instead, they can realize ambitious projects that keep up with market changes. Ghafari uses lean practices that integrate owners, designers, and contractors in order to lower project risks and improve quality. This 21st century approach empowers our clients' facilities and businesses to work as efficiently as possible.


After years of leading highly integrated projects, we built vPlanner to facilitate collaborative design and construction management. Today, teams use the software to quickly build and visualize complex networks of commitments, get immediate feedback on the status of project milestones, and make quick decisions during re-planning sessions.

Capability Specialists

Scott Adams
Director, Virtual Design + Construction and Quality
Samir Emdanat
President + Co-Founder, vPlanner